Color of the August Birthstone

The August birthstone is colored green. This isn’t the same dark green as an emerald. This is a vibrant bright green called peridot. The darkness of the green will vary depending on the cut and carat of the gem. The thicker and bigger the gem is, the darker it will appear. The smaller and thinner […]


Make a pretty woman

Often go shopping with friends, buy clothes, buy shoes, buy bags, but rarely say to buy jewelry. Have you ever asked a lot of friends, do you like jewelery? Everyone gave me the answers are like. Yeah, shiny jewels who do not love.

Since ancient times, especially women love jewelry. Ancient women like to show the jewelry in the most prominent place, put them all in their beautiful hair, wantonly publicity. Now women, generally concentrated in the neck with the wrist, low-key luxury. It can be said that women are more or less paranoid jewelry, this paranoid mainly from the Name Necklace, there are eye-catching, rare, precious meaning.

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