The returned initial necklace

Hand touched the pocket of the initial necklace, the dream has been approaching the door of the door.

Only seven or eight in the evening only, a pedestrian on the road are not. May be the reason for the winter it North wind whirring blowing, only the roadside tree “rustling” sound. Her hands on his chest, fast walking. May suddenly feel that this attitude is a bit indecent, and perhaps a little tired, and her natural hand into the pocket. Suddenly touched what, she was nervous, and quickly come up with, it is actually worth more than two thousand dollars of the initial necklace.

Dreams who refused to run into the house, immediately to her good friend poetry, such as call. The phone is just on, she heard the phone that came: Do you lack money? Listen to the tone, it seems that the poem has known less initial necklace, and sure she took. Dream where the attempt to explain clearly, quickly tell the truth: I am almost home, and accidentally reached the pocket, only to find that pocket I do not know when more than a initial necklace. I really did not mean, I’ll take it back to you.
Said, dream who only found that the other side of the reaction are not. A look to know, the phone has been hung up. Ready to call, only to find out actually can not go out. Hateful, critical time, actually no electricity. Do not know that she heard his explanation did not. She will not think that their guilty and hung up the phone.

To wearing a initial necklace

At that time took away the girl chic that man also came over, saw the scene of a disdain of sneer soon to leave. Girlfriends to see this scene no longer could not help, and decided to tell the truth of the matter, because they did not think that the man will be so ruthless do not want the boy has been misunderstanding the girl. The boy learned that after crying more sad, because he can accept the girl, because he loves girls, love, love. But the girl did not give him this opportunity, but also did not give yourself a chance. Buy from the girl’s neck took a bunch of initial necklace, clenched tightly in the palm of the hand with a deep kiss on the chest.This string of the initial necklace is the girl nineteen birthday boy sent.

After dealing with the girl after the boy is gone, the exact said, is gone, who do not know where the boy went Later, someone said, “the boy joined the army, but in the implementation of special tasks when the sacrifice.” But who did not know the boy smiled at the moment of falling, and smiled very brightly. “Finally you can see you, we finally can be together, this time in any case will never let you off this time, I must hold your hand to the last” boy finished from Chest out of the string that initial necklace, “This time I want to personally for you to wear.” The boy will be tightly put the initial necklace in the palm of your hand on the chest, slowly closed his eyes.

One initial necklace

This time we were crowded into the subway, you sit next to me. Subway opened three stations,After the subway has opened three stops, you take the initial necklace on your neck and close your eyes and kiss me. and I have a ride did not take a ride to say your thing.

You fall in love for three years, this initial necklace is when she chases you eat two months of instant noodles to save money to custom, is a initial necklace, above your name, the key in her neck. Three years, how many times you divided, this time, she left the key on the neck to you, sit on a subway to leave. Because you give up the school places, apply for the international youth volunteer in Benin Medical Station, you want to go with her to Africa, to help those who are troubled by the disease and powerless. She repeatedly advised you many times, you still insist on this, and finally she throw off your hand, scold you: neuropathy.

Having said that, you opened my eyes full of bloody eyes, took out the garlic from the shopping bag to take a small flap handed to your mouth, you did not want to swallow it.

James sent her mother’s gift

James holding his mother, and then inside the bag, he came out a initial necklace. Necklace is very beautiful.

James: Mom, I’ll send you a initial necklace.

Mother: Oh, really beautiful, this must be very expensive. You do not have to buy mom gifts. Anyway, you work well, my mother is very happy.

James: Mom, thank you for raising me, I really can not return your love, your sacrifice. I’m just able to give you a gift. This gift is also very cheap, no more than your love.

Mom: Do not say that. Mother is very grateful. This initial necklace is very beautiful. Mother likes it.

James helped her mother wear a initial necklace. Necklace is very beautiful.

James is working in Texas, the salary is almost good. He will be home several times a year. Although it is not rich, but in my heart would like to mother happy. This year, he goes back and buy mom and daddy gifts. He wants to see his parents very happy and happy.

One initial necklace is shining

50 years old, I am a person to walk to the original we Jiyuan path, I touched the wall mottled moss, lamented the youth of the non-stop, time is a ruthless killer, he was born in my tender Qiao Lian left the traces of the years, but I vaguely think of the young and young crazy, just when I was fascinated when you suddenly from the side of the string came out, holding a bouquet of roses and a gold , The packaging is very beautiful box, open a look is a beautifully crafted gemstone initial necklace, in the sun’s refraction, purple agate exudes a dazzling light, I can not wait to help you wear a initial necklace, and then Tightly holding you keep saying that I love you, and you just silently touched my hair, laugh without words, after the day, I took the initial necklace as Xiangliang Sao generally see people say this is My husband bought, kept the show initial necklace, as if to show off their own life treasures.

Lu Chen’s bar necklace

It is a square pink blue box, above a small bow.

Lu Chen trembling open.

Is a bar necklace.

And he exactly the same bar necklace.

“Chen, this is my gift to me.If this bar necklace is broken, that is broken, and our love will be broken, you have to take care of it!”

This is Mo Mo’s

Why not tell me?

Lu Chen picked up the bar necklace, but.

The bar necklace is broken.

“This is the sister of their own broken, she said, you will understand.

“Mo Mo!”

Lu Chen cried like a child, like lost a very precious gift.

Love a hundred days necklace

If you have been engraved in my heart, so stay with me, four years, I really miss her, not an ordinary thought. “.

“This bar necklace is when we love 100 days when she gave me a gift, she said that if this bar necklace is broken, that is, off, love is gone.Now, I carefully care of the bar necklace did not make any mistakes, Why can she leave?

I do not know what happened between them, Lu Chen did not say, I have not asked.

Dare not?

Yes, I am afraid, I am afraid Lu Chen will give up on themselves, will take things too hard.

The same bar necklace

Liu Tianyu listening to the dialogue of two children, the head like a power, like a fiancee little good neck bar necklace, which he gave a small wedding gift. His eyebrows condensate into two gully, my heart began to expand the doubts. His eyes watching this side, but the pace has been involuntarily moved to the sound source. He did not want to give up any similar, even if it is futile and his girlfriend missing clues. He looked up and looked around, far to see a big one and two children are walking to the roadside. Liu Tianyu hastened to catch up in the past, “children, you said the bar necklace can give me a look at it?” Liu Tianyu mouth smile, fighting back the hearts of sorrow and grief.

“We do not know you, this chain is now my.” Children do not even carry the head, continue to play in the hands of exactly the same bar necklace.

Liu Tianyu smiled: “Uncle wanted to see, my uncle heard you talk, and I would like to give my sister to buy one, you let me look like I do not want your bar necklace”

The bar necklace let me miss

I want to see people with things, but found something with your memory is less pitiful. I have bought you a lot of things. Couple bar necklace … every time I see something about the bar necklace I will buy it, I think I’ll give you something definitely some! I do not know now they are still there? Do not know if the necklord is still there? Is that ring still on your hand? You send me something is not much, but every one I will treasure when the treasure! I do not want you something, but want you to care about me.

After the separation, I found that things used to recall too little, I left you in life to remember things too little. But you are unforgettable in my life.

And finally on the agreed day

Mei early ready to set off, but in the road run into a small trouble, delayed for a long time, so when she arrived when they met the classroom, the day has been dark. Looking at the empty classroom, Mei that leaves have forgotten this agreement, that he no longer disposed to guard the green leaves of the rose, and could not help but cry. When the rose was sorry, a smiling man came to the ears of the rose. “How do I go out to eat a meal, come back to see a crying ghost ah?” The voice of the owner is the leaves, watching the leaves are familiar but there is some strange face. Mei excitedly clinging to the leaves. Ye also looked at the front is still beautiful Mei, and her chest bar necklace, when the Mei rushed over when also clinging to her.

They are still five years after the separation of the original heart, under the guardian of the bar necklace so that the feelings of slowly fermentation, and finally to this day into a sweet wine, waiting for them to savor.