GREAT QUALITY! Love this necklace!

Totally LOVE this necklace! I wasn’t sure what to expect and it supposed my expectations without a doubt! It came in a cute little red box with a ribbon bow around it. Very cute! It feels like a high quality product and like it will last a very long time. It is lightweight, but not too light. It also came with extra links for the chain which is great if you want to make it a little longer. The clasp closes and opens easily and it is adjustable a bit where it clasps. As far as personalized name necklaces go, this is the best deal I’ve seen for the money and quality of the product. The ones I have purchased in the past for much higher prices have been much lower quality. I would highly recommend this item for purchase!I was able to order this necklace at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review, highly recommend! Custom Name Necklace
 I must confess that I am lazy when it comes to jewelry. I love putting on a necklace and leaving it on for weeks. So that means sleeping, showering, and sweating with the piece on. I know that that is a huge no no, but I do it anyway. Cheap Name Necklace

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