The returned initial necklace

Hand touched the pocket of the Name Necklace, the dream has been approaching the door of the door.

Only seven or eight in the evening only, a pedestrian on the road are not. May be the reason for the winter it North wind whirring blowing, only the roadside tree “rustling” sound. Her hands on his chest, fast walking. May suddenly feel that this attitude is a bit indecent, and perhaps a little tired, and her natural hand into the pocket. Suddenly touched what, she was nervous, and quickly come up with, it is actually worth more than two thousand dollars of the initial necklace.

Dreams who refused to run into the house, immediately to her good friend poetry, such as call. The phone is just on, she heard the phone that came: Do you lack money? Listen to the tone, it seems that the poem has known less initial necklace, and sure she took. Dream where the attempt to explain clearly, quickly tell the truth: I am almost home, and accidentally reached the pocket, only to find that pocket I do not know when more than a Custom Name Necklace. I really did not mean, I’ll take it back to you.
Said, dream who only found that the other side of the reaction are not. A look to know, the phone has been hung up. Ready to call, only to find out actually can not go out. Hateful, critical time, actually no electricity. Do not know that she heard his explanation did not. She will not think that their guilty and hung up the phone.

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