Hope Blue Diamond Necklace

Ocean Heart — Hope Blue Diamond
When the shooting Titanic when the director James Cameron asked each props are true, so the diamond is no exception, but the name of the diamond is to hope, not the ocean, the name of the sea is the screenwriter for the story of.
Between the hope and the bad luck classification Name Necklace: stone secret language – rare blue diamond mysterious magic
Beautiful crystal diamond is God’s gift to the world’s treasure, with bright dark blue transparent diamonds is rare treasures, big grain only a few people in the world, can be described as daughter hard to find. Among them, the world famous diamond “hope” is a rare blue diamond.
The existing diamond “hope”, weight 45.52 karats, with extremely rare dark blue color, blue was clear and translucent, blue does not contain a trace of impurities, showing a kind of breathtaking beauty. But the world looked Custom Name Necklace, only that this beautiful faint exudes a touch of evil, a fierce light, and even called the “bad luck of the drill.” The reason is that in its fog – like history, it is full of peculiar and tragic experiences, and it always brings irrational resistance to its masters.

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