Give A Silver Necklace To My Girlfriend

Tanabata because of overtime, did not accompany his girlfriend
She was a little reluctant, I said two days to send you a small gift to apologize
Gave her to buy a silver necklace, spent less than two hundred
She was very happy when she was given to her
Give her to wear the chain later found a little short, I said tomorrow for a long go
Did she ask for gold?
I said you guess
She said silver
I said unfortunately you guessed
She said I had guessed
Although the face is still smiling, I have seen that she does not like
After trying the Name Necklace she went to cook, I have been lying on the bed
I am not happy when we eat, we did not how to speak
After eating me asked: is one or a back?
She said: back it
I said good, and then out of her home, this time only less than eight, we generally dating to ten
Out of the door she gave me a call, said no other meaning, that is, she is not suitable for this age Custom Name Necklace and then wear silver necklace her 27 this year
Do you have a similar experience?
Who is not a little more?
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