Ancient Gold Necklace

According to the Associated Press reported today, US researchers said they found in the south of Peru, the oldest gold necklace in the Americas, 4 thousand years of history, is located in the lake near the lake found a cliff. Scientists published their findings on the April 1 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
“This discovery is completely shocking,” he said, “and it was hard to say that the money was used to produce ornaments before it was assumed that society had settled down to grow excess crops.” Said Mark Ordenf, an anthropologist at the University of Arizona in the United States. But the people living in this area was also mainly to hunting for a living, they are no fixed, but still someone has the time and talent to build this ornament. So he speculated that this is an important sign of archaeological. He thinks it may be that these people make every effort to get this ornament to show its wealth and prestige.
There is no evidence of how this gold Name Necklace is made. But Aldenff said it looked like a natural gold block was cut into a prototype by a stone mortar and a pound hammer, which could wrap a layer of wood and continue hammering until it bent into a tube The
The researchers re-wear the necklace, so that nine small gold tube and a series of round stones are staggered, they recognize these round stones either green or emerald, above the hole, is found in the same grave.
The oldest gold jewelry found in Peru was about 600 years old, about 3500 years ago. Researchers believe that the early years of gold Custom Name Necklace because gold is easy to get and easy to process

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