To wearing a initial necklace

At that time took away the girl chic that man also came over, saw the scene of a disdain of sneer soon to leave. Girlfriends to see this scene no longer could not help, and decided to tell the truth of the matter, because they did not think that the man will be so ruthless do not want the boy has been misunderstanding the girl. The boy learned that after crying more sad, because he can accept the girl, because he loves girls, love, love. But the girl did not give him this opportunity, but also did not give yourself a chance. Buy from the girl’s neck took a bunch of Name Necklace, clenched tightly in the palm of the hand with a deep kiss on the chest.This string of the initial necklace is the girl nineteen birthday boy sent.

After dealing with the girl after the boy is gone, the exact said, is gone, who do not know where the boy went Later, someone said, “the boy joined the army, but in the implementation of special tasks when the sacrifice.” But who did not know the boy smiled at the moment of falling, and smiled very brightly. “Finally you can see you, we finally can be together, this time in any case will never let you off this time, I must hold your hand to the last” boy finished from Chest out of the string that Custom Name Necklace, “This time I want to personally for you to wear.” The boy will be tightly put the initial necklace in the palm of your hand on the chest, slowly closed his eyes.

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