The same bar necklace

Liu Tianyu listening to the dialogue of two children, the head like a power, like a fiancee little good neck bar necklace, which he gave a small wedding gift. His eyebrows condensate into two gully, my heart began to expand the doubts. His eyes watching this side, but the pace has been involuntarily moved to the sound source. He did not want to give up any similar, even if it is futile and his girlfriend missing clues. He looked up and looked around, far to see a big one and two children are walking to the roadside. Liu Tianyu hastened to catch up in the past, “children, you said the Name Necklace can give me a look at it?” Liu Tianyu mouth smile, fighting back the hearts of sorrow and grief.

“We do not know you, this chain is now my.” Children do not even carry the head, continue to play in the hands of exactly the same bar necklace.

Liu Tianyu smiled: “Uncle wanted to see, my uncle heard you talk, and I would like to give my sister to buy one, you let me look like I do not want your Custom Name Necklace

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