One initial necklace

This time we were crowded into the subway, you sit next to me. Subway opened three stations,After the subway has opened three stops, you take the Name Necklace on your neck and close your eyes and kiss me. and I have a ride did not take a ride to say your thing.

You fall in love for three years, this Custom Name Necklace is when she chases you eat two months of instant noodles to save money to custom, is a initial necklace, above your name, the key in her neck. Three years, how many times you divided, this time, she left the key on the neck to you, sit on a subway to leave. Because you give up the school places, apply for the international youth volunteer in Benin Medical Station, you want to go with her to Africa, to help those who are troubled by the disease and powerless. She repeatedly advised you many times, you still insist on this, and finally she throw off your hand, scold you: neuropathy.

Having said that, you opened my eyes full of bloody eyes, took out the garlic from the shopping bag to take a small flap handed to your mouth, you did not want to swallow it.

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