One initial necklace is shining

50 years old, I am a person to walk to the original we Jiyuan path, I touched the wall mottled moss, lamented the youth of the non-stop, time is a ruthless killer, he was born in my tender Qiao Lian left the traces of the years, but I vaguely think of the young and young crazy, just when I was fascinated when you suddenly from the side of the string came out, holding a bouquet of roses and a gold , The packaging is very beautiful box, open a look is a beautifully crafted gemstone Name Necklace, in the sun’s refraction, purple agate exudes a dazzling light, I can not wait to help you wear a initial necklace, and then Tightly holding you keep saying that I love you, and you just silently touched my hair, laugh without words, after the day, I took the initial necklace as Xiangliang Sao generally see people say this is My husband bought, kept the show Custom Name Necklace, as if to show off their own life treasures.

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