James sent her mother’s gift

James holding his mother, and then inside the bag, he came out a initial necklace. Necklace is very beautiful.

James: Mom, I’ll send you a Name Necklace.

Mother: Oh, really beautiful, this must be very expensive. You do not have to buy mom gifts. Anyway, you work well, my mother is very happy.

James: Mom, thank you for raising me, I really can not return your love, your sacrifice. I’m just able to give you a gift. This gift is also very cheap, no more than your love.

Mom: Do not say that. Mother is very grateful. This Custom Name Necklace is very beautiful. Mother likes it.

James helped her mother wear a initial necklace. Necklace is very beautiful.

James is working in Texas, the salary is almost good. He will be home several times a year. Although it is not rich, but in my heart would like to mother happy. This year, he goes back and buy mom and daddy gifts. He wants to see his parents very happy and happy.

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