The importance of bar necklace

People have a strange psychological, not easy to get things full of desire, and as time goes by, this desire will be more and more intense. Psychologists say this is called “forbidden fruit effect”, rooted in human curiosity, possessive and rebellious. Psychologists also gave two examples of people, one called Eve, one called Pandora. Jenny is also troubled by this curse – after talking about xher boyfriend, the future mother-in-law to give them all paid for the down payment, and now Jenny and her boyfriend is excited to decorate their own comfort zone. She has just gone to work and has no savings.

With the wedding approaching, more and more feel the importance of the Name Necklace of the wedding, and sometimes feel that if there is no string of high-end bar necklace, the wedding will be a lot of color reduction. She several times to her boyfriend that the meaning of the bar necklace on the wedding, boyfriend some embarrassment, Jenny some lost, began to doubt her boyfriend is not love yourself? Boyfriend is a cute boy, in fact, Jenny’s mind he knows A year later Custom Name Necklace, the boy brought thirty thousand dollars, Jenny kissed the boy, happily toward the jewelry store … … this year, the boy’s parents in a larger city for a whole year the work.

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