Maya hands tightly clutching necklace

Maya hands tightly clutching her mother gave her a string of Name Necklace, running in the snow far and far from the mountain. Listen to my mother said that the string Custom Name Necklace is ancestral down the baby, the value of a lot of money. But Maria just want to use it for a scarf to her mother. In the snow, she did not know how many wrestling, how many times ran away the shoes.


Maria shook his hands and put the bar necklace into the hands of the owner of the old man, said: “I want the scarf, because my mother is too need it. I put the bar necklace in your here, so I am rich And redeem it for it?”

“If you let your mother know you put your precious bar necklace to me, she will be sad. Do you know?” The owner said the old man.

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