And finally on the agreed day

Mei early ready to set off, but in the road run into a small trouble, delayed for a long time, so when she arrived when they met the classroom, the day has been dark. Looking at the empty classroom, Mei that leaves have forgotten this agreement, that he no longer disposed to guard the green leaves of the rose, and could not help but cry. When the rose was sorry, a smiling man came to the ears of the rose. “How do I go out to eat a meal, come back to see a crying ghost ah?” The voice of the owner is the leaves, watching the leaves are familiar but there is some strange face. Mei excitedly clinging to the leaves. Ye also looked at the front is still beautiful Mei, and her chest Name Necklace, when the Mei rushed over when also clinging to her.

They are still five years after the separation of the original heart, under the guardian of the Custom Name Necklace so that the feelings of slowly fermentation, and finally to this day into a sweet wine, waiting for them to savor.

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