An agreed bar necklace

After the end of the college entrance examination, Ye smoothly admitted to the province of a key university. The day of receipt of the letter of acceptance, the leaves came to the rose. The original Ye Mingbai was the future for his future will ignore him, so he refused to let the disappointment of Mei temporarily put down this feeling to prepare for college entrance examination. Now, he has successfully admitted to the university, and he still likes the Rose, so he chose this day again to the boss to express my mind. Mei was touched, but she was worried that the feelings will affect the next college entrance examination.

Understand the hesitation of the leaves, leaves out a Name Necklace to Rose received. Very nice. Ye said to me, “I want to make a five-year agreement with you. If you still like me after five years, you will wear this Custom Name Necklace on the day to the classroom where we meet, and I will be there for you I will be in the past five years to work hard, so after you graduated from college to take care of you. “Rose readily agreed, and immediately put on the bar necklace.

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