This bar necklace send to mother

I have many friends are married or about to marry, like a crazy to see a man’s own QQ, look at SMS, a phone call a few hours, fear of being Guaipao outside fox, often party together, but also to show off “how my husband how envy it, quickly find someone to marry it, do not pick up. I really have no envy, I can do what you love to do, I can spend 800 yuan to buy their favorite mask, I can spend 1800 to buy their favorite sexy lingerie. just because I like it, I can buy 50 grams of Name Necklace to her mother. only her laugh. I do not need to see a man face, to get yourself so tired.

I want to do What to do, not for the rice and salt, trivial little things and preoccupied.There are many slim ladies because the marriage into a man’s mouth Huanglian Po, and a colleague chat, she even say such a word “Minato live it children are so big, but also from ah “what a sad word, this is the status of the majority of Chinese marriage Custom Name Necklace, because the child, compromises with, but the same between husband and wife Dreams.

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