The removed bar necklace

The first time to see Zhang teacher is 10 years into the summer too much outside the hospital reported that when I was wearing a Name Necklace, bending to write new information, the teacher pointed to the words, “we are not allowed to wear a Custom Name Necklace In the afternoon to take it. “Zhang teacher’s words like a sincere friend for many years, not a little bit of the meaning of blame. My heart stunned, how can not even want to wear necklaces, but this I carefully prepared. Desperation, had to obediently taken.

Again with the teacher talk is the afternoon of the self-study class, the class of new students for the first time together, there must be an organization, in the school sister’s help, the class inside the election class, volunteered I served as class discipline inspection committee, Female students, Zhang said the duty is more important, I manage the discipline of the class, I secretly looked at the eyes of a teacher Zhang, full of trust, and youthful vigor. I do not know their own sense of responsibility is not strong enough, or normal school is indeed a little drawbacks, at the end of a semester, I have no official light, and Zhang did not have too much blame, but quietly said: You do something you like.

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