The Rejected Bar Necklace

So pain, so uncomfortable, over a week will begin hospitalization surgery and chemotherapy, and do not know can not see you, ho.

Please forgive my wayward, break up the plan is my layout Everything, in order to be perfect, I drilled for a month, in order to make my performance in front of you become completely disappointed to me, I did, I saw you The eyes of the empty, I found my acting can be so good, obviously a happy thing, but why chest pain can not breathe, close your eyes, your nose, eyebrows, focus when the eyes, smile when the mouth Slightly afraid of the wrinkles, I can not forget, I really do not want to be separated from you, but I am afraid, I am afraid we love when I will suddenly enter the operating room, I am afraid you will be at a loss in place to wait for me, Even if I will not appear, but I know you too much, that day I saw you bought the Name Necklace for me, so I make every effort to take out your Custom Name Necklace before you choose cruel, cruel to me, I am afraid, I am afraid When I see the bar necklace when I will be soft-hearted, I will say everything out.

Ho, I love you, though I can not say to you, but love you.

God, if you are in heaven, please replace me to find a better girl, good to him, at least let him no longer think of me.

That girl, please be good to him.

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