The initial necklaces

“Midsummer Night Star”, this idea comes from a pair of hard love, but not blessed couple, male career is a racing driver, the female is mainly rely on counterfeit Name Necklace for a living, this bracelet is designed by the actress And in a meal together to draw a napkin, the heroine will be the design to the actor, and then made the finished product, the use of two names “Zhongtianqi, summer star” named “midsummer Night star “.

The Custom Name Necklace original design also with a earring and bracelet chuck together, symbolizes the perfect relationship between men and women, but the removal of the ear drill, each other is independent of their own, even if this pair of lovers, there are One day must be separated, there have been each other’s memory, will be firmly engraved in the bottom of my heart, will never change, this is the midsummer Star Star original design of the spiritual significance, which is “Midsummer Night Star”

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