Successful initial necklace

Tutor quickly went up to hold the big disciples hand, excitedly said: “You, how did you do it ?!”

Big disciples turned to pull a black and thin middle – aged man, happy to say: “This is the village of the village village, thank him for the help of my busy!

Professor quietly attached to the disciples of the ears Custom Name Necklace, gently said: “What is the price?

The disciples winked and mysteriously bitten the professor ‘s ear and said, “I promised to do a cement road for their village in the future.

At this time the air thunderous sound, we looked up, a helicopter appeared, the following suspension of a large container. The container under the command of the beautiful disciples, slowly and steadily landed on the pavilion side of an open space.

The container was opened from the inside, bare a full container of firewood. Chipper jumped a potbellied, and short and ugly old man, hair shine can Kam, neck hanging like a chain of gold Name Necklace. Beauty disciples shouted: “My dear! I love you!” Into his arms, instant, burst into tears … …

Professor loudly announced: This is the success of learning!

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