She stared at the bar necklace

Junior, they go out to work, the situation is better, because the tutor, he had a little money. This time, he bought his bar necklace for her two months’ salary, because she had stared at the bar necklace for a long time when she went to the store. At that time, he said, I had money to buy you. It is a Custom Name Necklace, exquisite workmanship, worn on her neck, shine. She is not a good looking girl, can wear this Name Necklace is very beautiful. Soon happens to be her birthday, as a birthday gift he gave her, and she said, I have a gift to you.

She gave him the body of her virgin. That day, in a shabby little hotel, he and her lingering so emotional. He said, my life will be good to you, let us love life, no matter when and where, no matter how much ability in the future, okay? For a lifetime, we will never be separated. She curled her body into his body and burst into tears. She believes the man will be good to her.

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