Give the initial necklace

That time I returned from home to Xi’an, you said to the station to pick me out of the station, was particularly cold to see the thin where you stood so I was very moved into the room after I just want to hug you did not think You take the initiative to take me directly, I know that I sink in your gentle village, and a few days later under a snow all the way to the closure, I have an excuse not even go to work, it is I can not forget a memory in this life, just into the community I am not mature enough to know the game all day, for your advice I do not care, one night we shopping you want a bracelet no money I can only spend A few hundred dollars to buy a few gold beads with a red rope bracelet, I was the first time to send you a gift I do not know how romantic this is really sorry, I remember you said I can only buy a broken rope Custom Name Necklace, I am very angry It is the first time I give people things, has been thinking of the money to send you a gold Name Necklace, I took the bracelet is still directly away, no love of the grassroots level is not enough understanding of each other began to quarrel, one can not wait for you I do not go back to the car, in fact, I think you can keep the next, but you never have. Two years later you find me, we talked a lot you tell me your marriage is not happy, you ask me still hate you? How can i hate you? Write to the ocean

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