The last a beautiful initial necklace

Sunny, warm, countless dust rolling in the sun, like a huge galaxy. White building, in the sun is made a dazzling light – the hospital.

The woman smiled, his face is every mother has a gentle and that life of the infinite helplessness and attachment to life. The lips brought back a touch of curvature: smile, oblique, almost invisible, but there.

“Glass, my mother to sleep a long long and long feel, wearing this Name Necklace, my mother will always be around you.” Women to the name of only five or six years old girl out of wow no blood and thin hands, Palm, is a flashing dazzling light of the beautiful initial necklace. Necklace will be the sun outside the window refraction in the woman’s face, looked more pale and weak, but added a bit more than usual angry.

The girl took the Custom Name Necklace, carefully worn, mouth blooming like a smile, sweet and tender, “Mommy, I will always wear it, quickly woke up ah!” Girl eyes flashing pure light.

Nama sad in the eyes of a woman fleeting, replaced by gentle, woman stroking the girl’s face, watching the girl’s smile, a little nostalgia. For a long time, the woman turned back, do not want the girl to see tears in the eyes rolling.

Exquisite initial necklace in the sun even more valuable and beautiful; girl’s eyes in the sun even more beautiful and moving; woman’s figure in the sun even more thin and thin.

Women still go, serene, such as asleep in general, but as if there is a trace of nostalgia.

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