The initial necklace of love

New Year’s Day is approaching, if the ice received a letter and a Name Necklace Zijun, she carefully launched a letterhead…

If ice:

Please forgive my late greetings, do not say goodbye, because they do not want to add sadness.

Do not find your days that you are so important to me.

If the ice, I think: I like you, though, we can not get together day and night,

However, the distant distance can not pull off the Department of sincere feelings line…

If the ice, in fact, we have a beautiful date.

Meet in the university, recognize us for each other, fuel! Okay?

– Zihao

If the Custom Name Necklace tightly holding the palm of the hand, crying, no tears.

Yu Xiang is still quietly guarding the ice, but if there is no ice where he wants to love, but he always watch…

Today, if the ice quietly sitting in the window, her face look of depression, eyes staring at the heart of the initial necklace, which he left her only.

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