The gem on initial necklace

“Mom, you do not think too much, Grandpa himself do not remember which brick buried next, and go after how to do, a piece of rummage? Next to a few houses are collapsed, typhoon blowing, our two houses And certainly must fall, can not go in, that precious stones how much money ah? Tens of millions or hundreds of millions of ah?

“Haha, you really this person, I think so, you get married soon, that gem can be out to you inlaid in the Name Necklace, I heard that bigger than soybeans, it will give you. Maybe there is nothing You can also leave your brother! And ah, your grandfather said there is a small tin box filled with it, should find it.

“Mom, our family all the property are left to my brother it, do not have to give me, you do not let the father go in, and so many people look at the day, maybe people jealousy, to grab; or people will alarm , Grandfather used to be the landlord, maybe that time to stay things but also full of it! “Zhang Ni would like to use a stupid threat to the way parents do not think that the so-called treasure.

In the evening when Zhang Ni dream, really dreamed of wearing the gem Custom Name Necklace to get married, the next day early in the morning will call to ask, “Mom, how?

“There is a fart treasure ah, your father into a middle of the night, the name of the flashlight, that mark next to the metal box are corrupt to look like, and nothing inside.”

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