The beautiful cheap bar necklace

Because I heard you actually want to give me the bar necklace, as a birthday ceremony, gave a female students did not deep pay. And that Name Necklace is in your fifteen birthday, I picked off from the neck, and then on the spot for you hanging.

In particular, my distress is that when your mother blames you, you actually said: “Dad said when I sent me, this value is not what money, so I think it can be a small gift to give.

Many things in this world can not be measured in terms of market value, such as the most precious “love”, is this with the above price, you can use a note to buy it?

“Love” is very abstract, it can not see, but also intangible, but can be confidant in our hearts churn. When you are the most difficult, you can feel the excitement because you think of love, and when you are in a lonely moment, you can feel a warmth with a souvenir with love.

That is a Custom Name Necklace, is not it I give you a love with a souvenir?

You have to know that when your grandfather passed away, every time I touched him used the ink, read the books, all that there is his shadow. I can first understand the words of a text, that is, “hand Ze disturbance”, when I read in school, the first thing to go home, that is, his father used things, turn over, turn over, right The lights, hope to find his father’s fingerprints or perspiration.

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