Philosophical initial necklace

A few days ago, Zhao engineers suggested that I prepare a notebook, at any time from the book, magazine or visit the study or daily work encountered some bit of business knowledge, which the accumulation of their knowledge and technical level will be improved Big help. Zhao engineer said it was his own decades of experience. He also played a very wonderful metaphor, he said that the usual collection of information despite the words, but he regarded them as a pearl Custom Name Necklace.

Single pearl may not show how much value it is, but more pearls, string together is a Name Necklace, it became a work of art, there is a certain value. He said he wrote a lot of influential technical papers, these usually inconspicuous bit of information played a significant role. I am grateful to Zhao engineers for my sincere help, I wrote on the title page of the notebook my great mathematician Mr. Hua Luogeng words: genius is hard work, knowledge is accumulated.

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