One fashion bar necklace

And you chat with the life of this slowly passed, the time passed quickly, slowly came to the winter, during which you have also had some disputes, but the original intention is for both good attitude. I remember it was a time I give you the Ministry of the work plan when the way to the online ordering lettering bar  necklace gave you, I did not see you take me, the National Day I want to go back, because some special reasons may not return to school, For fear of life after you can not see you, I called you call out, you wear the low-cut that day, a distant one to see you wear me to give you the Name Necklace, I am very happy, the car came Go, I actually silly said the sentence so that you do not move, I hugged you, the car directly away. The truth is that I do not like parting, but have to, and later the family shows some things and found that I can go back to study, I am very excited.

So that we learn side, while busy in front of the Ministry of busy, while doing a simple link, there are some concerns about life. Perhaps I am not deep enough to deal with feelings, and you are very busy, it is difficult to take the time to chat with me, and later the relationship between us, slowly down, my position in your heart is not so deep and important, because we are Slowly grow up, treat feelings is not so ignorant, we all understand a lot of things and Custom Name Necklace. Later, I and blue Yan is also broken contact, and you are slowly broken contact, casually find an object, the future will also accompany his girlfriend.

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