One beautiful initial necklace

Open the computer desk on the drawer, which has some change, with a stapler crimping, build the stapler away, will change their pocket to the pocket.

“Bus card when the car can be used,” built to pick up the drawer in the bus card. “But do not know how much money inside.” Build thinking, “first put the pocket to say, after the car, you know.”

There is also a fine box in the drawer of the computer desk, but I do not know what is inside. “Looks like a very precious thing, otherwise it will never be so delicate packaging.” Open to open the box, which is a gold initial necklace, Name Necklace is in front of the gem and engraved letters.

Built love dead that initial necklace, sweet-scented osmanthus is built one of the most favorite flowers, it’s intoxicating fragrance, few other flowers can be compared. “After I got married with ice, and must also give the ice – my bride, wearing such a beautiful initial necklace.”

But did not take that initial necklace, but after the appreciation of the end, put it covered, put it back home. “Pirates also have the way, this Custom Name Necklace is one of the two most precious things, which condensed too many good memories, I can not take away.” “Why does the mistress now do not wear it?” “Perhaps because it was too obvious it, the last class, buy a dish, neck hanging a gold shaking things, outdated.” Built self explained.

“That ice belt on this initial necklace, what will be the effect?” Once again to open the box, remove the initial necklace on the front, began to fantasy up. “She will be the most charming bride in this world, because she was beautiful, like gardenia, and I love her -” Valentine’s eyes out of the West “, at least in my eyes, she is the most beautiful.”

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