The bar necklace for girlfriend

Boys and girls are a pair of childhood lovers.
One day the boy and girl holding hands to go shopping! When the door through a jewelry store, the girl saw a pair of glasses in the heart of the bar necklace! Girl thought: my neck so white, coupled with this Name Necklace must look good!

The boy saw the girl in the eyes of the reluctant eyes, he touched his wallet, blushed. Pulled the girl away!
A few months later, the girl 20 birthday to!
At the girl’s birthday party, the boy drank a lot of wine! Dare to give the girl’s birthday gift out, that is the girl favorite bar necklace.
The girl was happy to kiss the boy in public face.

After a long while, the South China Sea was holding red face, rubbing his hand, tweaking to say: “But this is the … … copper …”
The boy’s voice was small, but all the guests in the living room were heard.
Girl face to face up to red, is preparing to wear their own white skin on the Custom Name Necklace kneaded into a group of casually placed in the pocket of jeans.

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