Keep the bar necklace of love

Blink of an eye will die, twelve people’s life, actually because of this bar necklace has undergone a positive change. Their stories, also spread in this small town: At first, people think that the partnership to buy bar necklaces but love the beautiful women forced the behavior, but now, the city’s views have changed. It is believed that this more than ten thousand dollars, to maintain the most pure thing between people.

Only Alice heart and some whispered, because she remembered, buy a bar necklace there is a no appearance. Until the second year of the spring, Alice suddenly received a phone call, the other clearly said: “Ms. Alice? I was John, you remember? Is the person who sold you Custom Name Necklace, right, I entered I’m going to apply for the Name Necklace.

Alice asked who was the thirteenth partner, John said unreservedly: “I was for my wife shares last month, our jewelry store because of the financial crisis, forced to transfer, Now Lucy and I are not named next month is her birthday, I know that she is very depressed, I need you and your partners to help.

Lucy was tranquilly brought to the party by John, her eyes still very blurred. Saw Lucy walked into the room, and Chonneer stood up together with twelve of them, applauded warmly and welcomed the last partner.Alice announced that he would wear a bar necklace by Morris next month. Lucy suddenly stunned, and gradually, her eyes flashed surprise light, she quietly let John for her bar necklace, wet eyes on her husband said: “I finally know why you had Insist on selling the bar necklace to you, and when you become nothing, I have left love for me.

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