Arab princess necklace

What did Megue do when Laura talked to her three friends?
She wore a necklace in the rain, but the rain poured her like a chicken! She clapped her hands to stop the rain, but the rain not only ignored her, but also bigger than the original.

The original necklace only for its real master service.
Meg was very angry, but she still wearing a necklace, the results were her father saw.
“Where did you get the Name Necklace?” He asked.
“I picked up on the road,” Meg said. She is lying!
“The necklace is so good that the little child can not wear it.” Her father said, taking the necklace. Meg and her dad did not know that a little mouse had seen it all in the wall.

The little mouse ran to tell its friends that the Custom Name Necklace was in the house of Meg. So ten mice with it to go back to drag the necklace. Can wait for them to rush Meg home, necklace is gone. Meg’s father sold the necklace to a silversmith and sold a big sum of money. Two days later, a little mouse in the silversmith shop to see the chain, ran to tell its friends. But they have not had time to drag, silvers and necklace sold to a businessman, this businessman is designed for the Arab princess birthday to buy precious gifts.

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