September Birthstone

The September birthstone is a deep blue color. The name for the beautiful gem is the sapphire. A sapphire is available in every color except red. The blue sapphire is the birthstone for September. The only color you cannot find in a sapphire is red. A red sapphire is considered to be a ruby. This blue gem is mined in 3 different countries. These countries are Thailand, Australia and Sri Lanka. To reduce any cloudiness that may occur in the sapphire, producers have learned to heat them up. When they are heated up, the cloudiness disappears and the blue color is more predominant. The reason these gems become cloudy are because of the rutile inclusions. There are star sapphires available also. Some of these gems include little designs called a “cat’s eye” or “star”. Those designs are caused by the rutile inclusions.

The September birthstone, the sapphire, is available in all forms of jewelry. The most popular way to wear the blue sapphire is with diamonds on a ring. The reason for this popularity is because of the famous blue sapphire wedding ring in the royal family. These blue gems look like royalty when matched up with a white gold band and tons of small diamonds. The royal family’s ring is a huge sapphire surrounded by little diamonds. These can also be used to accent an engagement ring. To make that ring more personalized, add herbirthstones to each side of the diamond. If she is not into wearing rings, you can find a perfect sapphire and Name Necklace for her. A popular sapphire necklace has been designed to mimic the heart of the ocean diamond from the famous movie Titanic. This sapphire is in the shape of a heart and is also surrounded by diamonds. Sapphires look remarkable in any form of Custom Name Necklace.

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