May Birthstone

A great way to dress up a plain outfit is with some colorful earrings. The May birthstone is a green emerald. This is a great color for any plain outfit. Whether you are wearing a little black dress or a royal red ball gown, this color will brighten up any outfit. A perfect way to accent an outfit is with emerald earrings. These can be worn in the stud version or the drop version. The drop emerald earrings can look a little costumey at times. If you are attending a black tie event, a pair of these earrings will look fantastic. They are frequently worn by the movie stars on the red carpet. The color of the green is very dark and sparkles in the light. They are paired nicely with diamonds and either white gold or yellow gold. For a more glamorous look, pair the emerald with a white gold backing. If you pair the emerald with a yellow gold backing, you will get a more royal feel. Green and gold are great colors for a regal or royal affair.

Necklaces with the May Birthstone

One of the most regal looking necklaces is one covered with emeralds. An emerald is the May birthstone. The dark green makes any necklace look like it belongs on a queen. These Name Necklace can be draped in emeralds or contain one simple emerald. Either way, the necklace no longer looks like a normal necklace. It suddenly becomes royal looking. A lot of the royal family members wear emerald Custom Name Necklace, especially necklaces. When an emerald is paired with silver or white gold, it looks more classy and classic. When the emeralds are paired with yellow gold, they look more royal and regal. Whatever look you are going for, an emerald will dress any outfit up.

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