Color of the August Birthstone

The August birthstone is colored green. This isn’t the same dark green as an emerald. This is a vibrant bright green called peridot. The darkness of the green will vary depending on the cut and carat of the gem. The thicker and bigger the gem is, the darker it will appear. The smaller and thinner the gem is, the lighter the green will look. This green gem is also the stone used for the 16th wedding anniversary. This gem is a combination of magnesium/iron and silicate. A peridot will be higher in value the purer the green is. If there are any brown tints to the gem, the value can be decreased.

Whether you are buying jewelry for a birthday present or an anniversary, the august birthstone Custom Name Necklace is a great gem to purchase. The peridot color is very bright and stands out from any other gems. You can find this gem in just about every piece of jewelry out there. The peridot rings will turn heads of the bystanders. For a classier look, pair this gem with a white gold band. This will give the look and feel of an engagement ring but green. When this green gem is paired with a yellow gold band, it can start to look costume-y. This is great for costumes or a special event. For the Name Necklace , you can wear them in clusters or as individuals. When they are put into clusters, the necklace is more for an accessory. When you have a single peridot gem on a chain, it gives a more personal feeling. To accent a black dress with no color, a pair of bright green earrings will be perfect. These earrings can turn any boring outfit into an exciting outfit. They will draw attention to your face and have everyone complimenting you.


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