April Birthstone

The April birthstone is actually a diamond. This is the best birthstone for some people. The women who live for diamonds would love to have their birthstone be a diamond. This is the cleanest and most glamorous looking stone out of all of the months. The diamond is known for its ability to reflect and refract light into different colors. You can have a crystal clear diamond and produce the colors of the rainbow. These are some of the most desired gems out there. Diamonds used to be for dressing up crowns and swords but are now used to turn a piece of jewelry into something spectacular. A diamond is simply crystallized carbon. The thought of cutting or shaping a diamond used to be a crazy idea. Now jewelers are able to polish and clean the gems up to sell them in different forms.

The most common ring is the diamond ring and the Name Necklace. The April birthstone is a diamond. If you plan on proposing to your girlfriend and her birthday is in April, you will have a win-win situation. Not only are you able to buy her a ring with her birthstone but also with the uniform gem used in an engagement ring. A diamond ring can come in many different cuts and clarities. The clearer a diamond ring is, the more expensive it will be. There is a scale for clarity for jewelers to go by. When it comes to the cut of the diamond, some women prefer different ones. The cuts that are available in rings are princess Custom Name Necklace, round, pear, marquise, heart, oval, baguette, emerald and trillion. The most desired cut is the princess. The perfect engagement ring will include the perfect cut, the perfect clarity and a high cost.

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