LoveInChic Monogram Jewelry Store

Every piece is available in sterling silver, rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. The company adds that they have a team of 20 designers and 80 jewelry craftsmen, and their maximum daily output can even go up to 20,000 pieces. They urge retailers as well as wholesalers to visit their factory and place bulk orders. They also urge drop shippers to sell the monogrammed jewelry pieces of their online store.

They assert that the amazing monogrammed bracelets they offer will help people show their personality and complete their unique style. They add that a personalized necklace is always a perfect complement to any outfit for any occasion.

Similarly, the Name Necklace¬†they offer can be unique presents. These necklaces are available in 18K Gold Plated Silver, 14K Solid Gold and 18K Solid Gold and they can be personalized with three initials of customer’s choice.

That was started as an OEM jewelry factory in 1996, has specialized in crafting and selling monogram jewelry pieces that include white gold monogram necklaces, solid gold monogrammed bracelets, etc. They can personalize every item according to the needs of their customers. They have produced millions of jewelry pieces for world famous jewelry brands. It was in 2016 they decided to open their online store for exclusively selling their monogrammed Custom Name Necklace.

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