“Angel mother” pendant

I’ve always been  the kind of person that gets all mushy when it comes to gift giving. I put a lot of thought into each one, with each recipient in mind— their likes, needs and something that I know will be more than just ordinary. I, myself prefer unique!

Name Necklace or a tie, to me just says “boring!” I don’t know of anyone who gets all excited about the holidays or even birthdays and looks forward to opening a present, only to find a pair of panties or something that’s less personal. No one that I know of has yelled “YAY, fuzzy socks. This is just what I wanted! How did you know?” How about you?

To me, a gift that’s been well thought out is more touching and more memorable than a typical, and obvious last minute present.
For my daughter Danielle, who has suffered two miscarriages in the last 3 years, I wanted something to memorialize her babies and chose the Sterling Silver Angel Custom Name Necklace. It includes a large sterling silver heart and two separate sterling silver angel charms. Each angel was engraved with the names my daughter chose for her baby girls, and the heart I had inscribed “Mommy of Angels”.

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