A symbol of a woman’s identity

Necklace is one of the body’s decorations, is the earliest appearance of jewelry. Name Necklace in addition to decorative functions, some necklaces also have a special display, such as the Catholic cross chain and Buddhist beads.

Since ancient times, people in order to beautify the body itself, but also beautify the environment, creating a variety of different styles, different characteristics, different styles of necklaces, to meet the different color, different nationalities, different aesthetic aesthetic needs. Here, from the material and style to introduce the two aspects of necklace style. In terms of materials, jewelry necklaces on the market are gold, silver, jewelry and so on several.

Wearing a necklace should be coordinated with their age and size. Such as neck slender ladies wear silk chain, even more exquisite and charming; whip thick ripe, suitable for older women choose. Wearing Custom Name Necklace and clothing should also echo. For example: dressed in soft, elegant silk dress skirt, should wear exquisite, delicate necklace, look charming and moving; wear monochrome or plain clothing, should wear brightly colored necklace. In this way, under the embellishment of jewelry, clothing color can be rich and active. To pay attention to style on the road, the size of accurate.Necklace to wear in the clothes outside, pendant no water chest burr, so as not to friction with each other. Consider the decorative effect, clothing with.


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