Jewelry production process

Designers draw their own sketches, and then use the mapping software to sketch the computer in a precise size to complete the original design drawings. The next step.

Jewelry artisans refer to the design drawings manual carved wax version, and then use the method of casting wax lost casting silver, and the wax version of the production is required to use silver version of the rubber mold. This is the Name Necklace production process requires the highest process, the silver version must be smooth and clean, the various parts of a reasonable structure, inlaid precious stones position size accuracy.

After the rubber mold is opened, the waxing operation is carried out. Wax in the wax machine should be kept between 70-75 degrees, the wax liquid into the film, after cooling out the wax mold, followed by repeated, get a number of wax mold. According to the silver version and wax mold, select the size, shape and color suitable with the stone.

If some products do not require drilling, after the product inspection products Custom Name Necklace, you can list the packaging storage, Then can be sold. This is the process from design to sale.

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