The origin of the necklace

Necklace is a must for girls, every girl’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and other festivals, will always receive the boys to send the necklace, crystal, silver, pearl and so on. Then you know why boys to send girls necklace? Boys to send girls necklaces have a lot of meaning, there is an old saying to explain the origin of girls to send the necklace customs.

The meaning of boys to send girls necklaces generally have two explanations. One is to take the meaning of homophonic. I sent you necklace, that is, I want to fall in love with you (necklace). To send the meaning of girls necklace Another explanation is to hold the meaning of each other, to send people love the necklace is to hold the other side of the heart, not by other people away. Crystal necklace more than a layer of meaning, that is crystal pure love.

To send the meaning of the origin of girls necklace.

Legend to send the meaning of girls necklace was originally intended to clear the ownership. Primitive society matriarchal clan to the patrilineal clan transition period, the woman began to withdraw from the clan’s core position, as a man’s vassal. In the clan or tribal war, the winner of the tribe of the woman as a loot, in order to prevent them from escape, often with a chain or rope tied to their neck and hands. Later, they gradually evolved into some local customs, that is, when men and women formally married, to “grab” the way the woman received the man at the same time to metal ornaments set in the woman’s neck or hands to show bound, gradually The formation of boys to send girls necklace habits.

Now the wedding has long been eliminated, but in order to prevent the woman to escape the chain has evolved into gold, silver, jewelry made of ornaments, become today’s necklaces and bracelets. Greek mythology also has a similar story, in the Greek mythology, the meaning of men to send girls necklace also meaning “bound”, which is why a famous novel Maupassant named “necklace” reason.

Maternal Love

Grass there are a lot of shining dew, the white rabbit saw surprised to ask my mother: “Mom, mother, what is that?

“That is pearl.”

Little rabbit thought: how beautiful is the pearl!

Mother birthday that day, the rabbit came out early in the morning. Morning, the white rabbit did not come back, noon, the white rabbit did not come back in the afternoon, the rabbit has not come back. Mom anxious: white rabbit like to play, forget to go home.

Days when the black, my mother went out to find a small rabbit, all the people said, did not see the white rabbit.

In the river, in the grove, in the garden, my mother did not find the white rabbit. Finally, my mother saw a white rabbit in a grass, the white rabbit fell asleep, covered with wet. Mother awakens the white rabbit: “boy, what are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for pearls, I want to make a pearl necklace and give my mom a birthday present.”

“Child, remember, you are the mother ‘s pearl necklace, mother, nothing is needed.

The rabbit goes home with her mother, and on the way, it always wants to understand: “How could i be a pearl necklace? How could i be my mother ‘s pearl necklace?

Clover necklace

The legendary Clover is Eve from the Kingdom of Eden to the earth, the flower is happy. Scientific name alfalfa grass, is a perennial herb, generally only three small leaves, leaf shape was heart shape, leaf darker part of the heart is also heart. The most interesting and most special is that in the hundreds of thousands of alfalfa, you may only find a ‘Clover’ because the chances are about one in ten thousand. So the ‘Clover’ is internationally recognized as a symbol of luck. It has a different meaning of each leaf, which contains the dream of life four things: reputation, wealth, love and health, if at the same time have these things, that is lucky. The person who gives love is a very good gift.

Love keepsake

Necklace is one of the body’s decorations, is the earliest appearance of jewelry. Necklace in addition to decorative functions, but also has special significance.

Necklaces such as rings in general, are belong to love keepsake. That a fine necklace is not just jewelry, but also a copy of the beautiful love. Love is the most beautiful thing, the legend of love from generation to generation.

Necklace belongs to the love of jewelry, worthy of love in the collection of life. Collection of their own life the most precious love. So what kind of necklace give the most appropriate? In recent years the letter necklace is very fire, not only because it can DIY, but also because the letter necklace has a special meaning, and each one is a special set, any add your favorite elements, unique. Like love, because love, she is unique in your eyes; because love, like to accompany her at all times; because love, do not allow anyone to bully her; because love, send her letters necklace.

Customize individual necklace


Customized name necklace is a lot of young people sought after one thing. In this era of personality, custom name necklace is a luxury and trend of the move. Both to show their identity to the world, but also allow themselves to have more features and personality.New necklace is engraved on the necklace of their own name letters or a special can identify their own profound meaning of the symbol. This is the world to show their very personal necklace, no doubt represents a publicity avant-garde fashion. In this vast world, alone guarding an elegant state of mind, wearing a unique jewelry, in the crowd flaunt their own extraordinary presence.

The name necklace was originally from an American film, and later in Japan and South Korea’s star group is also very popular production and wear the name necklace.

Custom name necklace can also be called the letter necklace, is to the required text and symbols special custom necklace. Each person’s name is an independent individual, it is a special attached number, which attached to accompany our lives, tie the people who love us, very meaningful.

Love necklace

He said people in the world, acquaintance is kind of fate, can help others is a kind of happy, macro to see the world, the micro-life.

In the winter, I gave a student to send clothes, the boy timidly said: “Auntie, I do not know how I will repay you in the future?” I said: “I do not you repay, only hope that one day if you can help others, you must Help him. “Snow fluttering, the boy is red eyes. Then an export, my eyes are full of tears, how familiar words, ten years ago, some people say to me, after many years, I do not feel to say to another person.

Sometimes one thing or a person can change your life.

15 years ago, when I graduated, I went to visit a friend, he asked me: “graduation where to go?” I said: “I have admitted to a large company, but to pay three thousand dollars across the province, perhaps But also home. “Three thousand dollars in my eyes was simply astronomical figures, it is my father more than a year’s wages. I do not want to increase the burden of the family, he said: “have the opportunity to stay in the big city must not miss.” I bowed without a word. He said: “If it is economic difficulties, I come to help you, children, if the money can change the fate of people, then it came in handy, lost the opportunity, you will regret a lifetime.” “Thank you, that I will borrow you, then I will return to you. “Uncle smiled without a word, then when the chilly chilly, my heart is like a fire in the burning, meet the chance to change the fate of my help, Still warm my heart.

So I successfully entered a foreign company, to that year’s Spring Festival I have saved 1,500 yuan, I went to see him, I said: “I will first you half, the rest of the money may be late to give you, because I want Go to school. “” Children, I help you not want you back to me, do not need you to repay, just hope that one day you can help others, you must help him. People in a foreign land, do not embarrass yourself, have difficulties tell me ”

He was quiet on weekdays, except that he lived in a sanatorium, and I knew nothing about his life, and then I went to work in the field for a few years, and when he came back he was missing. So lost contact, but he gave me the warmth, so that no matter where I am, no matter what, always believe that human love, the window is still blue sky.

Love pass more like a beautiful necklace in the textile, it strung together a person who met by chance, in the dark on the road to give a bright, mutual light and warm the whole life.

Mother’s necklace

Mothers love their children, but love is different. When I was a little doll, my mother used my pair of warm hands to pull me a little bit, taught me to walk, and taught me to use chopsticks. Growing on the road, I fell again and again, again and again failed, the mother’s love has been around with me, let me grow up slowly.

I remember my childhood, my father bought a birthday gift to her mother, it is a very delicate “water bottle” personality necklace – thin red rope tied with a small glass bottle, which filled with colorful sand, in the sun Under the shining, flashing rainbow-like light. Mother likes this gift, but I am more love, all day wearing a neck. Uncle went home, I wore a beloved necklace to see him, he kept boast of my necklace beautiful, boast my long beautiful. I am happy to be a bit flirtatious. Uncle left, I took off the necklace carefully put it back to her mother’s dresser, but accidentally fell to the ground, broken. I am afraid of, and quickly find a hidden place to hide the debris,

Mother came home and asked me where the necklace went. I said angrily: “lost”. Mom said to me: “Some things can be lost to buy, but some things lost but can not find it back!”, The original mother had long found the debris in the corner. My face brush to become a red cloth. Mother said, “the man is most honest and honest, a dishonest person is not welcome.” Since then, my mother never pursued this matter.

Blink of an eye ten years later, hidden in the corner of the necklace has been covered with dust, lost the original glory. But the mother’s words are often lingering in my heart, brush off my dust, remind me to be an honest child.

Animal skull personality necklace

Natural creation is always able to give the original design with the most rich inspiration, Fire & Bone to create this series of animal skull necklace to fully reflect the unique shape of the bone and the aesthetic pursuit of texture. Standing in front of the showcase, as if into a small natural history museum – Qingqi exquisite bones, every detail because of 3D scanning and printing technology, as well as the designer’s ingenuity to get a detailed presentation of the dripping.

In addition they also part of the pendants made into a large desktop ornaments, very original texture and visual shock.

A symbol of a woman’s identity

Necklace is one of the body’s decorations, is the earliest appearance of jewelry. Necklaces in addition to decorative functions, some necklaces also have a special display, such as the Catholic cross chain and Buddhist beads.

Since ancient times, people in order to beautify the body itself, but also beautify the environment, creating a variety of different styles, different characteristics, different styles of necklaces, to meet the different color, different nationalities, different aesthetic aesthetic needs. Here, from the material and style to introduce the two aspects of necklace style. In terms of materials, jewelry necklaces on the market are gold, silver, jewelry and so on several.

Wearing a necklace should be coordinated with their age and size. Such as neck slender ladies wear silk chain, even more exquisite and charming; whip thick ripe, suitable for older women choose. Wearing necklaces and clothing should also echo. For example: dressed in soft, elegant silk dress skirt, should wear exquisite, delicate necklace, look charming and moving; wear monochrome or plain clothing, should wear brightly colored necklace. In this way, under the embellishment of jewelry, clothing color can be rich and active. To pay attention to style on the road, the size of accurate.Necklace to wear in the clothes outside, pendant no water chest burr, so as not to friction with each other. Consider the decorative effect, clothing with.


Valentine’s Day suit

2017 Valentine’s Day! The use of love, flowers, birds and stars and other elements, with pink and red color, full of sweet girl atmosphere pouch bag and Miulady handbags, in addition to jewelry series also super girl ~ like that pink velvet choker ah .