Give A Silver Necklace To My Girlfriend

Tanabata because of overtime, did not accompany his girlfriend
She was a little reluctant, I said two days to send you a small gift to apologize
Gave her to buy a silver necklace, spent less than two hundred
She was very happy when she was given to her
Give her to wear the chain later found a little short, I said tomorrow for a long go
Did she ask for gold?
I said you guess
She said silver
I said unfortunately you guessed
She said I had guessed
Although the face is still smiling, I have seen that she does not like
After trying the necklace she went to cook, I have been lying on the bed
I am not happy when we eat, we did not how to speak
After eating me asked: is one or a back?
She said: back it
I said good, and then out of her home, this time only less than eight, we generally dating to ten
Out of the door she gave me a call, said no other meaning, that is, she is not suitable for this age and then wear silver necklace her 27 this year
Do you have a similar experience?
Who is not a little more?
We give some advice, thank you!

Ancient Gold Necklace

According to the Associated Press reported today, US researchers said they found in the south of Peru, the oldest gold necklace in the Americas, 4 thousand years of history, is located in the lake near the lake found a cliff. Scientists published their findings on the April 1 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
“This discovery is completely shocking,” he said, “and it was hard to say that the money was used to produce ornaments before it was assumed that society had settled down to grow excess crops.” Said Mark Ordenf, an anthropologist at the University of Arizona in the United States. But the people living in this area was also mainly to hunting for a living, they are no fixed, but still someone has the time and talent to build this ornament. So he speculated that this is an important sign of archaeological. He thinks it may be that these people make every effort to get this ornament to show its wealth and prestige.
There is no evidence of how this gold necklace is made. But Aldenff said it looked like a natural gold block was cut into a prototype by a stone mortar and a pound hammer, which could wrap a layer of wood and continue hammering until it bent into a tube The
The researchers re-wear the necklace, so that nine small gold tube and a series of round stones are staggered, they recognize these round stones either green or emerald, above the hole, is found in the same grave.
The oldest gold jewelry found in Peru was about 600 years old, about 3500 years ago. Researchers believe that the early years of gold jewelry because gold is easy to get and easy to process

Gold and Diamond Necklace

Many people in the lovers birthday or before marriage, want to buy a diamond necklace. But what brand of necklaces do not understand this problem, so feel a bit difficult, do not know how to choose. What brand of necklace good? Diamond necklace brand, in the purchase of time to combine style, materials and prices. Diamond necklace expensive, in the selection of what brand of necklace good, we must first pay attention to the diamond necklace material. General diamond necklace are made of 18K gold and platinum, 18K gold hardness is not as good as platinum, the durability is slightly worse. But also according to the individual on the 18K gold and platinum to choose the degree of love. Diamonds are divided into a variety of grades, high purity, high grade diamonds, the higher the price. In addition to the size of diamonds, diamonds on the diamond necklace price is not the same, but also determine the key to the price of the necklace. According to personal economic conditions, choose a bear can bear the necklace, which is “what brand of necklace good” this issue need to pay attention. “Diamond necklace style is very much, there are pendants, there are no pendants, there are more popular, but also ingenuity, or according to their own Preferences, free selection. Kim Tae-fong as the first diamond brand, always focus on diamonds, tailored to the most suitable for your diamond. In the Golden Taifu flagship store, you can describe your own wishes, and then the designer will be based on your meaning, for you to design a diamond necklace dedicated to you. What brand of necklace is good, this problem, came to Kim Tae Fu, I believe to be solved.

Hope Blue Diamond Necklace

Ocean Heart — Hope Blue Diamond
When the shooting Titanic when the director James Cameron asked each props are true, so the diamond is no exception, but the name of the diamond is to hope, not the ocean, the name of the sea is the screenwriter for the story of.
Between the hope and the bad luck classification: stone secret language – rare blue diamond mysterious magic
Beautiful crystal diamond is God’s gift to the world’s treasure, with bright dark blue transparent diamonds is rare treasures, big grain only a few people in the world, can be described as daughter hard to find. Among them, the world famous diamond “hope” is a rare blue diamond.
The existing diamond “hope”, weight 45.52 karats, with extremely rare dark blue color, blue was clear and translucent, blue does not contain a trace of impurities, showing a kind of breathtaking beauty. But the world looked, only that this beautiful faint exudes a touch of evil, a fierce light, and even called the “bad luck of the drill.” The reason is that in its fog – like history, it is full of peculiar and tragic experiences, and it always brings irrational resistance to its masters.

What is Diamond necklace ?

1.Every diamond is unique and rare, like every love is also new. And diamonds of each cutting shape is more different meaning. Choose a most expression of Italian diamonds, on behalf of their own love and marriage.
2. It is a purple round diamond necklace, above a small square silver pendant hanging, emitting a pure light, crystal clear color, shining in the sunlight.
3. In addition to extremely hard, diamonds, the most attractive feature is bright dazzling, flashing colorful light, confused the woman’s heart.
4. This necklace, diamonds and platinum with the natural nature of the lovers like each other.
5. Diamond inlaid in the flowers, shining light and shadow of the long-lasting charm sultry heart, this necklace is too beautiful.
6. The silver necklace inlaid with blue diamonds, shining in the sun shining, wearing her smooth neck was more beautiful.
7. This diamond necklace is the crystal of the soul, embodies the bright, crystal, translucent.

That initial necklace is my mother like

Dad mysteriously said to me: “Mona, with his father go shopping? Hehe.” “Well the sun hit the west side, what is the thing?” I tease him. “Let’s go for your mother to buy that initial necklace.” “Oh, ouch, did not see it, you line ah, dad, you do not say do not let buy Well.” “Cut, look down on your father, your father is not stingy, this is not your brother married, your mother, but to accompany my life, ah, she would like a initial necklace, when married did not buy something like to give Your mother, so many years to accompany me suffer, quite sorry your mother’s … … “. Buy the initial necklace back on the road, I loudly said to my father: “I want to call my mother, told her” “Do not say, can not say, absolutely can not say” father said the sound.

Tracking a initial necklace

One night, the guy came to her room, made a romantic thing. She does not agree to propose to break up, she has found a man can give her happiness. Guy does not believe.

She said, you do not believe, see what this is? A gold initial necklace, worth more than ten thousand yuan.

Guy had nothing to say, had to break up.

How did she know the man? The police found a phone number from her cell phone. This phone number frequently appears in her cell phone, micro letter.

Police trace thousands of miles of criminal suspects. Suspects are arrested. In the body of an unknown female body detected a man’s fine spot. Through the DNA identification, the man’s fine spot is the man who bought the initial necklace.

Why did the murder case appear? Suspects say that this woman does not fly. He wanted to give back to her gold initial necklace, afraid of women do not give, he cheated a woman to his parents to see their parents, maybe parents will be happy to present a lot of gifts.

In fact, men did not bring a woman home, brought to a woods, had a sexual relationship, and later tied the woman’s hands. Let her return the gold necklace, the woman said not brought around. Woman said, the card money, called the man to take.

Man with his hands pinch in the woman’s neck.

The Ghana’s Initial Necklace

Ghana has always been elegant. She likes simple and generous, for gold and silver jewelry and so never too heart. But at the moment, she is really good brush poems such as good intentions, not to mention the poem, such as that makes sense.

Vanessa see Ghana acquiescence, and then easily in the counter to find a simple fashion initial necklace, light to help the Ghana where to wear, look carefully, take a mirror to the Ghana where to see. White and smooth neck glittering, Ghana who feel too eye-catching.

Vanessa and pick a thin star of the stars, this exquisite, small,Ghana where the wear is extravagant and generous. Far from looming, like the stars of the summer night flashing flash, beautiful and very beautiful.